Close Ups Update

This is the part where I get really antsy. I can visualize the finished piece already yet I can't get rush things! Patience and determination are key in this stage of the project.

After working some volume on the petals, I decided to start bringing some color to the work. The idea is to gradually bring the foliage to life while working the Poppy's overall appearance. After these many layers of color, I need to watch my details and make sure I'm not losing them. Once I have achieved a more elaborated background, I will start incorporating the surrounding green overtones into the flower.

 This painting is about 30% done

Of course, that is easier said than done. I am glad I had a couple of sessions this week to work on this, though. I definitely got a lot done and I'm just a tad behind schedule... I am also painting something completely different that I hope to share in the near future. It is a part of my recent contemporary endeavors, something I'm putting together in the hopes of a future show. Well, at least that's the plan!

Now, back to painting!