Another project in progress...

The ADD kicked in and I needed to paint something else while waiting for the flowers to dry. Well, not really. It is very easy to get overwhelmed by a daunting task, so taking a little "break" from it is always good.

I believe in letting works mature, not physically, but internally. As soon as I feel the need to rethink paths and maybe approach the painting differently, I know it is time for a break. I have done many works in my time and I am always updating my process, looking for a way to get a better result. So this is something I came up with to avoid the feeling of hitting the wall and getting stuck.

Oh, those beach paintings keep popping up!

I also try to include my contemporary project in my working schedule as much as possible. This work in particular is part of something much bigger. There are actually five of these I'm working on at the same time.

Yes, wearing different hats can sometimes backfire and be even more overwhelming, but as an artist you have to learn how to put stuff on hold and pick it up on the fly when you come back. Life does not care if you are inspired, you will still have to leave and go do time consuming stuff every day. So, you better be prepared to get back to business, quickly.

I actually had to drop a class to keep up with this painting schedule, a very important class I might add. But I'm a man on a mission and I can't be stopped. Well, at least that's what I keep telling myself.