Revisiting can sometimes be surprisingly refreshing.

A couple of weeks ago, I was varnishing my last finished set and could not help to stop and just stare at these paintings. After years of selling your artwork, you can say you get used to the fact that you are not supposed to keep them. For the most part, that is true.

And maybe it is not sentimental attachment what I feel when I look at these. I have learned to look forward to find that special someone who will think one of my works is worth not only purchasing, but keeping, displaying and contemplating for what I hope is a very long time. I think that this work in particular can be the beginning of something very good.

Every now and then I get this feeling that I cannot quite describe. I look at the finished piece, and it stands out in its own special way. More often than not, I can tell when the process of elaborating and developing a certain piece of work has significantly contributed in my growth as an artist and in the growth of my work as a whole. Yes, you do learn valuable lessons from every project and there's always a valid conclusion to be made from everything you do. But there are always special circumstances that enhance certain projects in such a way that you come out of them with a very big and unique sense of accomplishment.

This project in particular has helped conceive a new visual approach, because it is the continuation of what I have been doing so far:

  • It builds on the use of multiple angles/points of view. 
  • It allows me to deconstruct objects and introduce new meanings.
  • It creates the opportunity for technical development.

Like I have said before, I have a very special relationship with these floral/still life paintings. I started studying Monet and Van Gogh's technique and still life paintings at a very young age. Many years later, I still find myself coming back to work with this wonderful subject, time and time again.

I have decided to work on these as a new series, in parallel with my contemporary project. I hope the accessibility of these images will help me finance my other, somewhat more obscure projects. I expect these "Close Up" paintings will evolve and go beyond the subject some day. But for now, I'm starting local and studying native Californian flowers.

I have conducted some research, taken lots of pictures and I am ready to start working. I will try to update the site more regularly. Perhaps posting progress regularly on individual paintings will work better than waiting until the piece is finished and posting one long article about it. Who knows! One thing is for sure, I'm about to take these to the next level.

And I just found about a painting contest that is about... flowers! So I'm pretty pumped and ready to put out my best work to date. Stay tuned, you won't regret it...