Close Ups, in progress...

Of course, I got sick during my school break, the only time I had to start these paintings. The deadline is near and my obligations pretty abundant, so I could not afford to wait. As promised, I will try to give regular updates and maybe I'll do one recap post at the very end of the project.

For this contest, I've decided to submit two paintings (well, one triptych and one single, so four canvases in total). They will feature two different kinds of Californian poppies. I will have three months at the most to finish these, which does sound reasonable, except for the fact that I'm about to start what will probably be my busiest school semester ever! And if that was not enough, I have been considering resuming my "One Day Paintings" on the weekends, probably in preparation for these larger paintings for the contest. At some point, I would like to film some of this and try to upload it here!

My guess is I won't be sleeping much!