Fuchs ODS Classic 50W

A few years ago, I went on a search for a new amp. It needed to rock, yes. But most importantly, it needed to capture all of the nuances in my playing. Pick, fingers, hybrid patterns, string skipping, harmonics, you name it. I needed an amp that could deliver the sounds I hear in my head.

I like the Fender sound. I really like the Marshall sound. I also like the Mesa Boogie sound. But they’re not “me”, exactly (the Mesa Mark V does resonate with me A LOT, though!). It’s difficult to explain this without sounding like I am criticizing a particular sonic profile. But it’s true. Some pieces of equipment just “agree with you” more than others. And it took a couple of dozen amps for me to realize I really, really dig Dumble style amps.

I found a few suitable candidates over the next few years (yes, I overthink this type of thing!). But there was never an amp that spoke to me clearly and unmistakably. Until I stumbled upon this amp.

I first tested it with one of the guitars in stock at the store. I was so impressed (I kinda lost my shit, really), I went home and grabbed my number one axe and drove back to the store to make sure I wasn’t imagining things! There it was, I had found it!

I have owned this amp for over a year now. And I finally feel like I am learning how to use it. It is really versatile. And capturing what it can do on video is proving to be tricky.

I filmed these two videos shortly after I bought it. There are just a taste of what this amp can do. Must upload more demos!

In the meantime, enjoy these!