Chase Bliss Tonal Recall Delay Demo

Behold, the new holy grail of analog delays! Video description below:

A compact sized analog, bucket brigade delay pedal with digital controls, tap tempo, buffered trails and expression pedal control. Need I say more?

There's a little hum present in some of the clips. Getting rid of it changed the tone of the delay trails, so I left it as is. Sorry!

Here's a breakdown of this video:

1. Intro (0:00): I have read some concerns about how some modulated delays sound great on their own, but are less thrilling in a band setting. I dialed in a preset that would work for me either solo or with a band. Depending on the attack and the duration of each note, the delayed signal sounds a little bit like a Digitech Whammy, or even a Brazilian cuica, harmonizing your parts!

2. Trails (1:25): Basically, just letting the delay trail off for you to hear it. Dialing the tone knob so you can appreciate the brighter and darker settings, as well as dialing in some modulation in the end. I found fitting to use Analogman's King of Tone for this portion of the video!

3. Play through (4:05): Using one core setting and changing little bits and pieces on the fly, to demonstrate how you can obtain various tonal options, with minimal tweaking. I kept it simple with the Ramp mode (trust me, that's a rabbit hole on its own!). I used it to give me a nice ambient-esque, sonic background. It was interesting to see how pick attack made some notes oscillate and break up more than others. Lastly, you gotta have a dotted eight phrase thrown in for good measure, right?

4. Looper (7:40): Looping a phrase and twisting them knobs. You will obviously find some settings more usable than others. However, it is interesting to note how those knobs interact with each other. The tone, rate and depth knobs can help you dial in all kinds of weird noises. I kept the mix knob relatively low throughout the video to show how these quirky noises can be incorporated into your existing tone.

Now, imagine how much longer this video would be if I had to actually tell you these things on camera! Enjoy the video. My first Chase Bliss pedal. It will most certainly not be the last!