Sky Etude

The sky is always on the background. It's kind of a given. Well, not anymore! I have not painted many skies before (I wonder why) and one day I just took my camera and started shooting this gorgeous sunset down at the Santa Monica Pier. I found myself forgetting the horizon, the sea, the land altogether! The sky was just too beautiful!!!

Sky Etude, Oil on Wood, 6 x 6 in., 2011

I wanted to paint this one in one sitting, but it was pretty evident right from the start than this painting would benefit more from a layered approach. In the future, I will pace myself and let these little paintings cook slowly. I use layers all the time with acrylics, but it's been a while since I painted this way with oils. I see a new mini series of paintings in the horizon!

Seascape 8: Waves

I'm trying to capture the magic of Impressionism more and more with these little seascapes. They are becoming freer every time, and I dig how they almost look like abstract paintings when looked at up close but reveal themselves when looked at from a distance.

Seascape 8, Oil on Wood Panel, 8 x 8 inches, 2011

I love the combination of oils, bristle brushes and wood panels! These seascapes are so rich in texture and color. And they look pretty cool, too! I definitely like where these paintings are taking me. I love realistic work but I also love modern and more synthesized approaches of representation. These are paintings after all! Let's see the strokes, the textures, the purity of the pigments. There's plenty of room on this blog for all of it!

And of course, there are some more realistic paintings in the works, too!

Seascape 7: In Evening Air

Seascape 7, Oil on Board, 8 x 8 inches, 2011.

Not so long ago, I arranged a piece for a string quintet. It was a solo piano work by Aaron Copland, titled "In Evening Air". So, I decided to pair it with a sunset beach painting!

I've been wanting to create a little painting demo for quite some time now. I am glad I'm finally getting it done. I hope this was not the last one.