I love (to) paint!

I like to paint, sure. But I also like paint. You know, the actual pigments bound with all kinds of wondrous polymers and compounds? Yeah, I can't get enough of it, I love paint! Those wonderful, vibrant colors. Sometimes they even look like food!

I am the kind of person that can stare at the same painting for hours. No joke. It's like listening to your favorite song over and over. You want to take it all in, every nuance of every second. You are experiencing a piece of art that moves you, that gets you, that inspires thoughts and triggers memories. It goes beyond the professional instinct to try to figure out how it was made. Like watching the sun set, you just want to be there.

A little preview! Stay tuned for more!

So today, I was there. I am digging the way these new paintings look. Like I said in my previous post, the road is wide open!