Back from tour...

I just got the Matilija Poppy painting back from its last show. It has been a little over 18 months, 7 shows on 7 different states. I was expecting the painting back, but I was still excited to see it again. Usually when they leave, they don't come back!

I am especially proud of this painting. Now only did it come out exactly the way I wanted it to, it allowed to show at so many different venues and reach so many people. Sure, they were a lot of expenses involved on this whole adventure, but getting out there is a must!

It's funny that this painting came back just as I am starting a new painting for another contest. To see them next to each other allows me to see how my technique keeps evolving. That is something I normally do not get to do.

Before it left, back in January 2011!

Now. Just look how beat up the box is!

But the painting is intact on the inside!

For this painting, my main goal was to make it look as if it was made with oils. I wanted textured brush strokes and I stuck to bristle brushes to achieve it. Now, I am coming from the opposite angle and trying to show the least amount of brush work possible. Not quite airbrush (that's still a pending quest!), but definitely something thinner and more 'ethereal' looking. The Marine Layer series is definitely a strong visual reference. This new painting is part of it, but it will take a few unexpected turns...

It will be worth checking out, trust me!