"Daydreamer", chosen as the cover of Manuel Capella's new book.

I'm excited to report that one of my works now graces a published work of poetry! Manuel Capella's "Transversario" is an eclectic and contemporary take on a person's journey into his own self. It embodies the mental clarity some people can achieve while performing the most menial tasks, where the daily routine of urban city life intertwines with episodes of philosophical enlightenment.

Daydreamer, Digital Media, 2012

My work was the last submission put into consideration. I am glad that I could capture the essence of the work, especially under the provided time frame (something not unheard of on these types of commission). The author was gracious enough to provide a copy of the then unpublished manuscript for me to read. It was pretty evident right off the start that I needed to paint a new piece.

As for its availability, I am not sure where and if you can find the book in the States, as this book is published in Spanish, and currently available in South America only. But I will sure let you know when I find out!