It's good to be back!

Floral, 40'x 30', Acrylic on Canvas, 2011.

I finally finished school. It's been three intense years. No summer breaks at all!!! Between school and work it's been difficult to keep painting (which is why I started this blog), but I think I have kind of kept my word and painted as often as possible!

I graduated last Friday and started painting right away. After all, it's not the first time I graduated from college (I know what it feels like), so after the ceremony we grabbed a quick bite and came home right away. I had all my stuff lined up and decided to paint something based off a sketch I did earlier in the year.

The main difference between this and my other flower paintings is its size. At 40 x 30 inches, it is considerably larger than my average quick project. It is also painted with acrylics (my quick projects are painted with oils), which always represents a little bit of a challenge. When I first started painting these, around 2002, there was no way I could have done them this good this fast, so even though I have not had a lot of time to practice, I have still grown and matured as an artist. Phew! That's a relief!

Anyway, I can't wait to pick up where I left off. Here's to some more paintings!