The painting is on its way!

Nothing like spending lots of money to start the new year!

After five long weeks of waiting for the framing to get done (don't get me started on that), I finally got the painting shipped! I even had to order a special shipping box to ensure it gets there safely. Don't get me wrong, I am glad I got selected for the show, but the expenses are adding up!

Framing, shipping crate, actual shipping + insurance, travel expenses (airfare, lodging, car rental), etc. I feel like I need to win a prize just to break even! Anyway, even though I still have 1.5 semesters left to go (which are going to be very difficult!), I will try my best to put some paintings out there to try to cover some of these expenses.

Here's to a safe trip all the way to the Museum!

I gave up my part time job to have more time to paint and try to take more classes and finish school early. While my plan was to finish school before rejoining the taxpayer community, it seems like I will have to make do and go back to work early, which always means less time to paint!

So, while I am applying, getting interviews and before the semester gets too intense, I have decided to fit in some painting sessions! I am going to hold on this project until I get it done, and I certainly hope you like it. Here's a guess: it's definitely NOT flowers!

Let's just hope that after all these years I can still paint this...