No more updates for a while :(

Midterms are here, but that is not the reason why I won't be updating you on my last project. I am saddened to inform that my loyal workhorse digital camera has finally succumbed to my demanding artistic lifestyle. Its last breaths were taken last Friday at Griffith Park, where I was scouting prospective subjects.

This picture is from a painting session earlier last week

One of the last pictures I took, at Griffith Park Observatory

Although a valid option, in these days of technological obsession, desperate upgrading needs and gear acquisition syndrome, it is unlikely that I will be able to find the parts to get it fixed; nor do I know if spending money on them will be a wise choice (unless it's dirt cheap!). It seems that I will be cameraless for a while.

 My camera went Mark Rothko on me
Digital Media, 2010

So, here's to my favorite gadget. We bought you as a temporary tool, something to hold on to until the 'real' camera arrived. Four years and almost 6,000 pictures later, you finally gave up.

Now I REALLY need to start selling some paintings...

P.S.: By the way, the painting is looking awesome. The bar has been raised, for sure.
And if you were wondering, this is the second digital camera I wear out.