Ground Rules.

I haven't painted in a while, so I'm very rusty. I can't dedicate too much time to paint and so far that was the main reason why I kept pushing it back. So, I'm going to ditch the details and start very raw and organic, and pick up the pace as I go.

My main goal is to go back to my contemporary realistic work with my chops in check. But for now, these are the rules:

1. Color is the subject. Everything else is secondary.
2. These paintings must be done in one sitting. No dragging. No putting stuff away for later.
3. I must restrain myself from painting too many details.
4. I'll keep reference materials to a minimum. Memory and past experience will dictate what goes on the canvas.

I've decided I'll start painting floral arrangements. Back in high school, this was a very successful theme for me. I think I'm seasoned enough to pull it off without models or pictures. And if I need some reference pictures, I won't spend too much time looking at them. I'm going for overall feel, resemblance will come later.